1. Show Me

From the recording Things You Already Know

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Produced by Brian Bricklin and Neil J. McGettigan
Recorded and Mixed by Brian Bricklin at Marigold Junction, Drexel Hill, PA
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe

Neil McGettigan – Lead and Background Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, 12-String Guitar
Ben Slater – Piano and Keys
David Calabria – Bass
Matt DeCarlo – Drums
Ryan Valotta – Electric Guitar


If I were given the chance to create
Any woman, her every trait
From her looks to her virtues, she’d be you

Every day we’re together I look for a clue
Some kind of hint of what I should do
And in this haze, I search for your gaze
Why don’t you see mine
Look my way, show me a sign

My nerves tend to get the better of me
I choose my actions so carefully
To avoid ridicule, I try to be cool

But cool around you isn’t how I behave
I’m far too nervous, I’m far less brave
Do I dare to make you aware
That I’m worthwhile
Look my way, show me your beautiful smile

Look my way, and show me
What you’d need from me
And all you’d want this to be
I will never be a waste of your time…oh, no
Look my way, and show me a sign
Show me a sign
Show me a sign
Show me a sign
Show me
Show me a sign