1. Amber

From the recording Things You Already Know

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Produced by Brian Bricklin and Neil J. McGettigan
Recorded and Mixed by Brian Bricklin at Marigold Junction, Drexel Hill, PA
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe

Neil J. McGettigan - Lead and Background Vocals; Acoustic Guitar
Ben Slater - Piano and Keys
David Calabria - Bass and Background Vocals
Matt DeCarlo - Drums
Ryan Valotta - Electric Guitar


She’s a complicated beauty, I’m a complicated mess
She has got herself together, I’m often in distress
Long hair that’s full and dark, her light blue eyes impress
So, when Amber says, “Come see me”, you just say yes

If Amber called for me, I can’t suppress
My only answer will be yes

She’s got a mouth that must be kissed, you should see her in that dress
And if she even looks your way, consider yourself blessed
Her dancing’s on pointe, her grace just flows, she’s so statuesque
Just the thought of her makes me crazy, I’m a little bit obsessed

When Amber summons me, I must confess
You know my answer will be yes

Amber this waiting leaves me stressed
If you’d just beckon me…I guess I’d acquiesce!

You’re so coo-coo-cool, and you’re so hot, no words can express
How fast I’d come running to you if you would just say yes

Oh, Amber call for me, and please wear that dress
My every answer will be yes

Amber it’s always yes
My answer’s always yes
When I see you in that dress
You know my answer’s always yes
You will never have to guess
It will always be yes
I’m a little bit obsessed
So my answer’s always yes

Amber…it’s always…it’s always yes